the man on Point

He performed at le Cirque Royal in Brussels Belgium.

【excerpted quotations from  DANCE EUROPE March 2005  】
  EMMA MANNING applauds dancers dancing for a cause
  The biceps were, well a little chunky, but boy could this woman dance. Then the penny dropped: the woman in the tutu was not all she seemed  -"she"  was, in fact, one Bart De Block knocking off the triples like she'd been spun around in he cot, she didn't camp it up, and it was all the funnier for being played straight. And her final flourishes were just so restrained. Partnering the solid  'lass'  Momchil Mladenov was the perfect gentleman, hoisting the substantial poundage aloft as if she was Cojocaru. Tears of mirth flowed and Corsaire will never be the same again. The couple brought the first half of this year's Dance for life to a joyous close.
  Masterminded and brilliantly organised by Jason Beechey and Pascal Semaille, Dance for Life is held annually to raise funds for the aids charity known as Le Fonds de Solidrite SIDS and this year's gala broke previous year's box office records to bank a cool 30,000 euros. The dancers, staff and gala committee all give their time for free, and a growing list of sponsors helps with the necessities.

He participated in Grandiva's performances in New York and all over Japan.
He danced Bayadere, Le Corsaire Pas de Deux, Satanella Pas de Deux, Le Petite Nutcracker Suite,  Zirconia, Love Wrongs and Star Spangled Ballerina.

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