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scene of His work

His great abilities mean that he is active in the front line of show business.  The most widely known performance of his long career was his participation in the Spectacle de Gala in the Prix de Lausanne 20th anniversary in 1992, which take places with past winners.  (He won a Prix professionel in 1986) He danced Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux at the performance, which was televised in many countries. This work which we have the opportunity to see in the ballet concert can be seen to be really difficult even by a person who has never danced a ballet. But at that time he showed a great combination with his partner, and fine jumps and turns in the solo variation. His dance at the time enthralled the audience not only in the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne but also in front of TV sets throughout the world.

He distinguished himself as a contemporary dancer when he was principal dancer of Berlin State Opera Ballet. He performed M-piece, The Demon and Song of Nightingale, which were choreographed by Mark Baldwin from New Zealand. Mr. Bart De Block has embodied abstract images of Baldwin's creation with his specialized skill of point work.

Moreover, he has stepped into the world of comedy ballet. The work which deserves special mention is his participation in the title role of The Angel, which was performed in 2000 and 2001. The audience who came to see this "comedy ballet" was confused at the beginning on account of the serious style. But Bart De Block didn't take long to have them fascinated. In the last scene, in which he lifted the girl and went up to the top of a sharp slope on point, it seemed like a real Angel who ascended to the sky with the girl. The audience's concentration was fixed on the stage the whole time. Needless to say he won a storm of applause.
He did a solo dance accompanied by an opera singer in 2002, which was also a highly motivating creation

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